Skoda has teased its performance oriented hot SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq vRS. The car will debut at the Paris motor show in October. The new SUV was also spotted testing at the Nürburgring recently. It currently holds the title of the fastest seven seater to go around the circuit. The car also looks great, as we can see in the teaser image. It gets a sharp and neat design. We can also make out the race blue paint finish. A new vRS logo is also barely visible.

Skoda Kodiaq vRS Engine:

The car will run on a 2.0 liter, twin turbo four cylinder engine. It will surprisingly be a diesel powered engine. The engine produces an impressive power of 236bhp. The torque is a staggering 500Nm. This propels the car from 0 to a 100kmph in just 6.5sec.

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This is a very good performance figure for a 1.7 tonne seven seater SUV. The car completed the Nürburgring circuit in 9m29.8s. This is 1:38.14min slower than the current SUV lap record holder – Alfa Romeo driver, Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

Skoda Kodiaq vRS- performance SUV teased

The current Kodiaq does 0-100kmph in 8.2 seconds. This makes the new Kodiaq vRS noticeably very fast. The current Kodiaq runs on a 2.0 liter TSI mill. This engine produces 180ps of power. The Skoda Kodiaq vRs shares its drivetrain with the VW Tiguan.

František Drábek, the man in charge of the Kodiaq vRS’s development, explains that the car will also feature a ‘dynamic sound booster’. This feature will help the car’s diesel engine sound more lively.

Skoda Kodiaq vRS- performance SUV teased, Launch in October
Skoda Kodiaq vRS- performance SUV teased, Launch in October

The car also gets dynamic chassis control and progressive power steering. The car will also get stiffer springs, thicker anti-roll bars, vRS-specific driver modes, as well as adaptive dampers for it to live up to its vRS badging. Full details, price, and specifications will be revealed in the Paris motor show in October.

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