Skoda Introduces ‘EasyBuy’ Buyback Scheme For The Superb

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Skoda Introduces 'EasyBuy' Buyback Scheme For The Superb

Skoda India has announced an attractive buyback programme for its top of the range sedan Skoda Superb. With this programme, Skoda has made the Superb more affordable and easier for the customer to buy, with the buyback schemes.

‘EasyBuy’ programme is available throughout the Superb range, with Skoda Financial services. Skoda said that it will help the customer to buy the Skoda Superb at an EMI comparable to a lower segment car. Customers are also concerned about the resale value when they buy a car, and Skoda has got this covered in their new programme. So, at the end of three years, Skoda will give you 57% value of your Skoda Superb. So you won’t have to worry about the resale value within the 3 years period at least.

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Skoda Introduces 'EasyBuy' Buyback Scheme For The Superb

The car will be returned to the Skoda dealer, it will be checked for general wear and tear guidelines and kilometre allowances. Also, if you wish to retain the vehicle even after three years, you can. By paying any outstanding amount, you can refinance the vehicle for another term. You can use the amount from the resale to purchase another Skoda. Another great thing about the programme is the easy financing options and lower EMIs. Owners can avail the 100% finance, and EMIs at 40% lower rates.

Skoda Introduces 'EasyBuy' Buyback Scheme For The Superb

Zac Hollis, Director – Sales, Service, and Marketing, Škoda Auto India Pvt Ltd said “Skoda has built its brand on clever offerings and a strong value proposition. In addition to offering a premium product, the ‘EasyBuy’ program is a unique initiative that further emphasizes the brands effort to understand customer needs while providing them with a hassle-free ownership experience,”

With programmes like these Skoda is trying to attract more buyers and provide them with better buying options to stay with the brand.

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