Royal Enfield Himalayan chassis split into two [video]

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan is well known for its quality control issues. Now, in a piece of fresh news, we can see a Himalayan with a chassis split into two. The incident behind the mishap is unknown to point out a cause.

According to a report, the chassis suddenly broke causing the rider and the motorcycle to fall. The rider is completely fine thanks to protective gear. Let us take this as another opportunity to stress the importance of wearing protective riding gear all the time.

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From the above video thanks to the source, we can see that the chassis joint near the front forks. The rider also points out the welding defects which probably led to the unfortunate incident. RE uses a Half-duplex split cradle frame on the Himalayan.

This isn’t a one-off isolated incident for the bike. Many customers across India and other countries have experienced the same issues. Even if the rider was not off-roading or riding aggressively, damage like this should be a rare occurrence. Adventure sports are not meant to be like riding on a smooth asphalt surface. We urge Royal Enfield to take a look at these accidents and assess what the issue is.

This comes amidst other rumors of the Royal Enfield Himalayan like the launch of a new model with 40hp or a 650cc Himalayan. Currently, the Himalayan runs on a 411cc single cylinder, air cooled engine. This puts out 24.5 bhp and also 32 Nm of torque. The power transmission is through a 5 speed gear box. It sells for Rs 1.80 lakh (ex showroom, India).

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