7000 Royal Enfield Bullets recalled over faulty brake caliper bolt

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Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield has issued a recall for 7000 Bullet series motorcycles. The models affected include the Bullet 350, Bullet 350 ES and Bullet 500 Models manufactured between March 20 – April 30, 2019.

The recall is due to a faulty brake caliper bolt on the affected motorcycles. The statement revealed that the torque maintained on the brake-caliper bolts was not up to the required quality standards. The recall is a proactive measure, considering the importance of the part involved.

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Royal Enfield is calling the customers and other stakeholders to inform of this issue. All the corrective actions will be made free of cost to the owners at the authorized service centers. If you happened to recently purchase one of the bullet motorcycles, get in touch with your dealer to find if your bullet is affected.

How to find the Manufacturing month and year of your Royal Enfield?

The month and the year of manufacturing can be found printed in the certificate of registration. If you are yet to receive your RC book, follow the method below.

You can decode the VIN of your Royal Enfield to arrive at the month and year. A sample VIN is decoded here: ME3U3S5C2JGXXXXXX

ME 3 – Stands for the Manufacturer’s code

U – Engine family, Unit Construction Engine

3 – Engine Capacity (3- 350CC; 5 – 500CC)

S – Electric Start

5 – 5 Speed Transmission

C – Fuel feed (F- Fuel Injection; C – Carbueretter)

Now, the characters J & G will reveal the Year and Month respectively. In this case, it would be J=2018 and G = July (I is ignored in VIN). The rest of the 6 digits are the serial number.

Another alternative is to check the Pollution Under Control sticker on the inside of the air-filter box panel. The first PUC is usually taken during the month of manufacturing.

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