India has already set road map to ensure utmost safety to the riders for both two wheeler and four wheeler. The Government of India has set 1st April 2019 for all the two wheeler and four wheeler to feature ABS as mandatory while the two wheeler with below 125CC and 14hp doesn’t comes under the regulation. Following this the market leader Royal Enfield is reported to feature ABS across its products and has confirmed to offer ABS for its products in India.

India has been more fruitful market for Royal Enfield but this is not clear as in why the India has been considered least to offer ABS with the product line. Now, Royal Enfield has plans in place to offer ABS after Indian Government pitched in to ensure the safety features for the Indian Riders and make ABS Mandatory. Manufacturers like Bajaj, TVS and Suzuki have already ABS fitted bikes in the market.

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Royal Enfield To Introduce Anti Braking System To Its Product Lineup
Royal Enfield To Introduce Anti-Lock Braking System To Its Product Lineup

Royal Enfield is offering dual channel ABS in countries like UK, Bahrain and Argentina while India has been least in terms of ABS offering. Although, now Royal Enfield is readying up the complete product line with ABS for the Indian market. While the Royal Enfield Bullet will be the first offering from the giant to get ABS but that would be a single channel ABS. The Himalayan would be next to get ABS however, the Himalayan will be featured with a dual channel ABS System.

Royal Enfield is expected to launch the Interceptor and Continental GT650 twin in India in coming days, as the twin bikes are already started selling in UK and Australian market. The twin Royal Enfield will get dual channel ABS system and the rest of the products like Classic 350 and Thunderbird series are expected to satisfy the customers with single channel ABS. The RE’s do have heavy weight and ABS would be an added advantage in terms of improved braking and handling.

Royal Enfield To Introduce Anti Braking System To Its Product Lineup
Royal Enfield To Introduce Anti Braking System To Its Product Lineup

The Single Channel Anti-Lock Braking System are preferably setup to the front wheel and thus the rear wheels are still vulnerable to lock while hard braking. On the other side dual channel Anti-Lock braking systems are much more effective and avoids locking at both front and rear wheel. Considering the fact that Royal Enfield Classic series, Bullet and Thunderbird would be loaded with just single channel ABS, it would actually not that much attractive. Additionally, the ABS would also attract an extra cost to that. Although it is not clear as how much dearer are the RE’s are going to be but you can expect it to be increase of somewhat around 10,000 to 15,000.

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Royal Enfield To Introduce Anti Braking System To Its Product Lineup
Royal Enfield To Introduce Anti-lock Braking System To Its Product Lineup
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