Royal Enfield bikes get safer – 2019 version launched with ABS

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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 Launched In India

Starting with this April, new safety regulations have kicked in. All two-wheelers below 125 CC must have a combi braking system and two-wheelers above 125 CC must have ABS as standard. To abide by the safety regulations, manufacturers have started providing these safety nets in their products. But, the addition comes at a cost, especially with ABS – due to the sensors and control units introduced. As is the case with other manufacturers, Royal Enfield has introduced ABS across their lineup.

To keep its products still accessible, Royal Enfield has thrown a mix of setup. Entry-level models, the Bullet 350 and 350 ES get a single channel ABS, while others get a dual channel ABS. The 650 Twins already have ABS as standard from launch, so we won’t be talking about them here.

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With the addition of ABS, prices have gone up. We have the prices of the entire lineup here. Single channel ABS has bumped the prices by about INR 1400 (Bullet) and INR 3500 (Bullet ES). With the dual channel ABS, prices have increased up to INR 11,000.

S.No Model Price (Ex-Showroom – Delhi)
1 Bullet 350 (Single Channel ABS) INR 1.21 lakh
2 Bullet 350 ES (Single Channel ABS) INR 1.35 lakh
3 Classic 350 (Dual Channel ABS) INR 1.53 lakh
4 Thunderbird 350 (Dual Channel ABS) INR 1.56 lakh
5 Thunderbird 350 X (Dual Channel ABS) INR 1.63 lakh
6 Himalayan (Dual Channel ABS) INR 1.80 lakh
7 Himalayan Sleet (Dual Channel ABS) INR 1.82 lakh
8 Bullet 500 (Dual Channel ABS) INR 1.88 lakh
9 Classic 500 (Dual Channel ABS) INR 2.04 lakh
10 Thunderbird 500 (Dual Channel ABS) INR 2.06 lakh
11 Classic 500 Chrome (Dual Channel ABS) INR 2.12 lakh
12 Thunderbird 500 (Dual Channel ABS) INR 2.14 lakh
13 Thunderbird 500 X(Dual Channel ABS) INR 2.16 lakh

Royal Enfield first introduced ABS in the Classic 350 Signal Edition, back in August 2018. The Signals edition pays tribute the forces that guard our border and the skies. It is available in two colors, Airborne Blue and Stormrider Sand.

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