A new name in the EV industry, Rivian has very ambitious plans in battery technology. The start-up claims to be working on the largest ever battery pack in the automobile industry. They revealed a staggering 180kWh battery pack. In comparison, the Tesla Model uses an 85kWh battery. The company also says this battery can relieve people of range anxiety with its never seen before range of 656kms (410 miles).

Now, this is an extremely ambitious project for a start-up to undertake. But Rivian also has the support of other big shot companies like Ford and Amazon. The company is also developing two other sizes of batteries – 135kWh and 105kWh.

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EV start-up Rivian will offer the largest battery pack ever - 656 km!

Rivian battery technology concerns:

The start-up is planning to introduce these batteries with the R1T pickup truck and also the R1S SUV. To understand the scale of the size of the 180kWh battery, let’s look at numbers. This battery consists of 7,776 individual battery cells connected together.  They will also have to look into a better cooling technology as a battery pack this huge will get very hot, very fast.

Then, there is also the weight to be taken into consideration. The 85kWh battery is the Tesla Model S weighs about 500kgs. This should put the weight of a 180kWh battery in the range of 850-1000kgs. This is also in a pickup truck or an SUV which are already quite heavy. It will be interesting to see how the company will design the actual vehicle to keep the weight considerably lower.

EV start-up Rivian will offer the largest battery pack ever - 656 km!

Rivian also has applied for patents for technology to add extra auxiliary battery packs as an accessory. The bed of the pick-up truck can be used to add these extra battery packs and effectively increase the range. This also brings up the question, is the 656km range including the auxiliary battery pack?

Our thoughts:

All this makes us doubt the feasibility of the whole project. Will Rivian be able to actually deliver? A similar start-up called Faraday Future made extravagant claims only to die a slow death later. Looking at the cash flow Rivian has from many big companies gives us some hope.



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