Revolt To Expand Their Reach To Four New Cities – Waiting Time Reduced

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Revolt To Expand Their Reach To Four New Cities - Waiting Time Reduced

Revolt motorcycles, India’s first electric bike started off with a lot of hype August last year. And the hype was quite worth it, the motorcycles had acceptable range and many features at a competitive price. Or in fact subscription plans instead of buying one. But only Delhi and Pune have been lucky enough to get the bikes.

But today Revolt Motors has announced their entry to four new markets by March 2020. The company has been gathering good response with its initial launch in Delhi and Pune and is ready to expand to other metro cities. Starting from Ahmedabad on February 29, Revolt will then come to Hyderabad on March 2, Chennai on March 5 and Mumbai till the end of March. That’s quite a good speed to expand into four major markets in India. Revolt currently has two product in their lineup RV300 and RV400.

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Revolt has also been facing issue regarding waiting time being as long as 5 months. That has also been rectified with an increased production rate, and the waiting time now has come down to just 90 days. Talking about the bikes Revolt RV400 is powered by a 3.24 KWh Lithium-Ion battery, that comes with a range of 150km and has a top speed of 85km/hr. It also gets three riding modes – Sport, Normal and Eco. The main highlight is in the form of the Revolt App, which controls various aspects of the bike including Geo-Fencing, Locate your bike, trip monitor and even changing the engine sound (comes through a speaker).

Revolt To Expand Their Reach To Four New Cities - Waiting Time Reduced

Charging solutions include charging through a 15-ampere socket which takes 4.5 hours and uses only 3 units of electricity. You can also swap the battery at swap stations if needed, and even order a charged battery from the Revolt app. The battery has 8 years or 150,000 km warrant, free maintenance up to 3 years and 30,000 km.

Cost of owning one for yourself includes no upfront full cost but rather subscription plans. You have three plans to choose from, starting from Rs 2,999 per month for the RV300, Rs 3,499 and Rs 3,999 per month for the RV400. The subscription plan has many benefits as one-time free tyre replacement, 4g connectivity for 3 years, extended insurance etc.

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