Mumbai Resident Coats Mahindra XUV500 with Cow Dung: Here’s Why

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Mumbai Resident Coats Mahindra XUV500 with Cow Dung: Here's Why

Have you ever heard about a natural car cooling system where a car exterior is covered cow dung? It might sound silly but has been actually executed by some popular car owners. In the month of May 2019, a car owner from Ahmedabad got viral for using cow dung to keep the vehicle cool from this hot summer heat. Sejal Shah, the owner of Toyota Corolla coated it on the metal body, even the doors.

According to Sejal Shah, this practice will overcome the CO2 emissions and she doesn’t have to turn on the AC inside the car while driving in summer. After this report, we get yet another news exclusively from Pune where a senior doctor did the same thing with his Mahindra XUV500. Recently, Dr Navnath Dudhal, a Karve road resident and a senior doctor at Tata Cancer hospital in Mumbai was spotted with his cow dung covered, XUV500.

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Mumbai Resident Coats Mahindra XUV500 with Cow Dung: Here's Why
Mumbai Resident Coats Mahindra XUV500 with Cow Dung: Here’s Why

According to the report, Dr Dudhal described the method of utilising this unique coat on the cars. He has implemented three layers of cow dung on his car. After applying the first layer, it must be dried and then the second layer is applied. Drying each layer completely is essential as it prevents it from falling on the road while driving. Dr Dudhal even said that the three-layered cow dung can stay for at least three-months if well dried.

According to Dr Dudhal, the temperature of the car’s cabin decreases by 5-7 degrees after applying it all-over the vehicle. So from where did, he got the idea of this natural car cooling system? As told earlier, Dr Dudhal is a senior doctor at the Tata Cancer hospital so he has executed many experiments and analysis on cow urine and cow dung utilized for the treatment of cancer patients. However, some scientific research has cleared that applying cow dung doesn’t cool the cabin.

Generally, the significant thing which heats up the cabin of the car is the huge glass windows and front. It catches the sunlight which heats up the interior easily. The cars with sunroof also get heated quickly. So, applying cow dung adds an additional thickness of covering to the car’s exterior which can influence its temperature. Although, the situation is doubtful as per research. So, what do you think, is it a good idea? Will you ever try to coat cow dung on your expensive vehicle? Actually, it is the worst idea for most of the car owners.

Source: Sakal Times

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