Renault Kwid Electric was recently spotted testing on Indian roads. The automotive companies like Maruti and Hyundai are actively working on the EV concepts and now Renault is also testing its domestic electric car for the Indian market. The spied video of Kwid Electric has recently surfaced online. The company has previously unwrapped Kwid-based Triber MPV so, is this the next Renault model for the country.

Renault Kwid Electric (K-ZE Concept) Spied Testing In India [Video]
Renault Kwid Electric (K-ZE Concept) Spied Testing In India [Video]
The French carmaker has basically developed the K-ZE concept (Kwid Electric) for release in China. Earlier reports suggest that the car is also ready to be introduced in the global markets including India. After the spy shots, we can say that the company might have plans to introduce the eKwid for the Indian fans as well. The car was heavily camouflaged while spied on the test. Although, we get a glimpse of the Renault EV.

According to the spy shots, eKwid is equipped with a bumper mounted headlight along with DRLs located at the upward side of the hood. It has received new 3 lug nut wheels which might make it an affordable EV in the range that the Indian fans are waiting for. In another test mule, the car is integrated with wheel caps. The frame of the car is much like the Kwid hatchback.

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Renault Kwid Electric (K-ZE Concept) Spied Testing In India [Video]
Renault Kwid Electric (K-ZE Concept) Spied Testing In India [Video]
The overall exterior design looks similar to the popular models like Harrier, MG Hector, and Hyundai Venue. The upcoming eKwid is expected to be developed with lithium-ion powered batteries based on the popular electric car companies such as Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and many more. It can claim a range of about 100 to 150 km which will be sufficient for driving in city roads. Although presented with only 3-lug nuts for the wheels, the car is not meant for offering the highest performance EV. The speed will be lower as managed by three bolts.

Renault Kwid Electric is developed on the same CMF-A platform which is similar to the standard Kwid and the recently revealed Triber. So, the EV is assumed to come with sorted dynamics and high-grade ride status. Inside the cabin, the electric car can be integrated with a large touchscreen infotainment system along with some amazing features including satellite navigation, internet connectivity and voice control, 300-litre boot capacity, along with rear parking camera, tyre pressure monitoring system and an air quality control system.

The Renault Kwid electric can be offered with a fast-charger capability. The battery can be charged up to 80 per cent in about 50 minutes. The French automotive company has not yet confirmed an official statement regarding the launch for its first electric car, although, it is assumed to hit the market by 2021. It is still not confirmed whether the company will launch the eKwid in India as the recent test mules can be a portion of a comprehensive road test project which is directed by Renault.

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