Renault has unveiled the all-new Renault City K-ZE in China. This car is based on the CMF-A platform, the same as in the Indian Renault Kwid. This small electric car, however, will remain specific to China for now. We may not see a similar Renault Kwid EV in India yet.

The Renault City K-ZE use a 33kW motor to power the car. This motor is capable of producing up to 120Nm of torque. The car is also powered by fast charging batteries. Renault claims the batteries can charge up to 80 per cent in just 50 minutes. However, the slow charging mode needs about 4 hours for a full charge. A full charge also allows for a range of 240 kms.

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Renault City K-ZE (Kwid EV) unveiled at the Shangai Motor Show

The underpinnings of the car may get minor changes due to the addition of battery packs. It also looks like the exterior will feature some design changes. It gets a different front section with new headlamps and grille. The rear, however, remains almost the same as a standard Kwid.

The interiors will also remain the same as the Kwid for the most part. It features an 8 inch touch screen infotainment system. It gets online navigation, 4g and WiFi connectivity, and can also monitor the EV aspects of the vehicle. Also, the AMT dial is moved from the center console to near the handbrake. Also on offer is PM2.5 sensors and an air quality control system. This helps in monitoring cabin air quality. Parking sensors, a reverse camera, and TPS also make their way on to this car.

Renault City K-ZE (Kwid EV) unveiled at the Shangai Motor Show



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