Reliance Jio Finally Released OBD Car Connect App – “JioMotive”

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Reliance Jio Finally Released OBD Car Connect App - "JioMotive"

Back in 2016 when Reliance Jio made its debut in the Indian telecommunication industry it announced an app for your Car to connect it through the phone. Jio Car Connect OBD service as they called it.

Jio is aiming to connect 90% of the cars on the road by the year 2020. Now, Jio has launched the app with a name of JioMotive.

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The app can connect to your car via OBD device. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics, by which you can see various information about your vehicle by connecting a device to it. It reads data from the car’s sensors and can show it in your JioMotive app. Which is useful for checking performance parameters of the vehicle.

As of now, you will need a hardware device to connect to your OBD port and the app will communicate with it.  You can also Live Track your car with JioMotive. Other features include getting prompt and notifications on vehicle theft or accident, emergency help in case of medical emergency through SOS, trip highlights, speed, and mileage trips,  fuel costs, monitoring driving behaviors, over speeding alert, and also upload Vehicle documents to the app.

Through the Jio Car Connect, you can communicate with the car remotely, it can also be helpful in the case of keeping track of car when driven by the driver.

JioMotive is still unreleased but is available for testing on the Google play store for free. You can download and start trying out the app, we hope it will be out with a stable version soon.

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