5 Reasons to buy Hyundai Venue over a Sonet – battle of the brothers

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5 Reasons to buy Hyundai Venue over a Sonet - battle of the brothers

The Kia Sonet made its debut at the 2020 Indian Auto Expo as a concept and garnered a lot of hype. With the recent official launch, let us compare the Sonet with its older brother, the Hyundai Venue. We already covered the reasons to buy Kia Sonet. Here are the 5 reasons to buy Hyundai Venue over a Sonet.

1. Brand and maturity

Although Kia and Hyundai are a part of the same parent company. Hyundai is a more well-established brand in India with a stronger dealer and service network. This works in the favor of the Venue. The Venue is also present in the market longer and hence is a more mature product in comparison to the Sonet.

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2. Exterior

reasons to buy kia sonet
Kia Sonet

Design is a very subjective topic and while some may love the very aggressive design language of the Sonet, others may prefer a more subtle approach like the Venue. The Kia Sonet has a very busy design with the many fake vents, fake exhausts, chrome claddings, contrasting colors, etc. In comparison, Venue takes a more traditional approach with fewer design elements and an overall cleaner design.

hyundai venue sport trim
Hyundai Venue

3. Interior

Kia Sonet
Kia Sonet Interior

The design trend continues on the interior too. The Sonet has a lot going on the dashboard which follows in the footsteps of the Seltos. It is a funkier design with the layout, ambient lights, and choice of materials like the knurled finish around the AC vents. The Venue, in comparison, takes a more traditional cleaner and hence the cabin looks a lot cleaner. The Venue sports a classic analog instrument cluster with a MID instead of the semi-digital unit on the Sonet which looks a little out of place.

Hyundai Venue SUV Records Over 1 lakh Units Sales in a Year
Hyundai Venue Interior

4. Features

While on paper the Sonet might have more features than the Venue, it does miss out on a couple of very practical features which might be a deal-breaker for some. The Venue features a 60:40 split for the rear bench, which seems like a very basic feature but is surprisingly absent in the Sonet. The Venue also gets a cooled glove box to work in its favor.

5. Cost

Both the Sonet and the Venue are essentially brothers. They share the same platform, same engines, and most of the transmission options. But all the extra features, not the Sonet comes in at a slight premium over the Venue. The Sonet starts at Rs 6.72 lakh (ex-showroom) for the base spec and runs all the way up to Rs 12.00 lakh (ex-showroom) for the top of the line spec. In comparison, the Hyundai Venue starts at Rs 6.75 lakh (ex-showroom) for the base spec and runs all the way up to Rs 11.63 lakh (ex-showroom) for the top of the line spec.

kia sonet design
Kia Sonet
Details of Hyundai Venue Colours And Variants: Launch on 21 May
Hyundai Venue


These are the 5 reasons to buy Hyundai Venue over a Sonet. Which of the two brothers do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!


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