Pravaig unveils their first electric car – Extinction MK1

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Meet the Pravaig Extinction luxury EV from Namma Bengaluru

Bengaluru based Pravaig dynamics has unveiled their first ever EV, the Extinction MK1. The premium Luxury EV has some bold claims which makes it an interesting propostion in the Indian EV scenario. The Extinction EV will be launched sometime next year

While a number of EV’s from established automakers – both in India and abroad can barely do 500 kms, the Extinction EV claims a range of 500kms with a single charge – 504 to be exact. For comparison, Hyundai Kona is currently the EV in India with the maximum range at 452Kms, followed by MG ZS EV at 340kms. In case you run out of battery, the Extinction can charge to 80% in about 30 mins.

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Wait! you can’t buy one yet. The company plans to offer the extinction on lease model to enterprises and for fleet services. They’ll even provide chauffeur services if the customer desires so. The extinction draws its power from the 96kWh battery. The electric motors produces 196 bhp and it can reach the 100 km/h mark in about 5.4 seconds. That is pretty fast.

It will be a four door model, with sweeping roof and coupe like design. The front has projector LED headlamps, connected by a LED light bar. The rear will also have LED setup with a LED bar connecting both ends. The extinction measures 4820mm X 1934mm X 1448mm (LxWxH).

On the inside, it will feature lounge like setup so that people can stretch their legs as they are chauffeured. It could come with rear left passenger seats that recline to about 165 degress – offering a business class experience on wheels.

At a later stage, we can also expect autonomous driving features, while this is yet to get a nod from Government. Pravaig claims that the car offers 5 star levels of safety, though we are not sure if it has been crash tested. Other features may include HEPA air filters, and upto 8 airbags.

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