Meet the Pravaig Extinction luxury EV from Namma Bengaluru

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Meet the Pravaig Extinction luxury EV from Namma Bengaluru

No, this is not a concept car from an Italian or German supercar maker. This is a brand new fully electric car designed in-house in Namma Bengaluru. Pravaig Dynamics, a company from Jaipur who started making buggies years ago has unveiled its newest project – Pravaig Extinction.

The car is not just looker, it has impressive numbers on paper too. The company claims the EV can reach top speeds of up to 196kmph and also has a 500km range. What we are seeing is still one of the final prototypes and the final product might look slightly different. But the company has a very interesting proposition on how it will sell the Extinction, read on to find out.

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When can I buy it?

Unfortunately, you can’t as of yet. Pravaig has an interesting and pretty ambitious business model. The company will reach out to hotels and fleet operators and offer the car on lease to them. Hence we will not see any dealerships and this means there is no way for individuals to buy the Pravaig Extinction for private usage. In addition, Pravaig will be providing the car with a driver as part of the lease. The company is hoping to make up the costs of manufacturing this way as fleet operated cars will see higher mileage and this is where the low running costs of EVs come into play. Also, considering all the specs and tech being offered, the upfront cost would be very steep.

Pravaig  Extinction – Design and Tech

Meet the Pravaig Extinction luxury EV from Namma Bengaluru

The EV looks extremely futuristic and modern from the outside. It gets a very sleek front grille and small round headlamps up front. The rear sports a flowing tail lamp design the covers the entire surface. This prototype sports only two doors but we can expect the production model to come with four. The EV is designed with luxury in mind as it will only be chauffeur driven. Passenger comfort is top priority here. The rear seats may recline to a near-flat level. There is also an option to completely skip the front passenger seat to have more space. The design of the interiors can also be customized with the help of fashion and interior designers to make it custom-fit for the client.

Talking tech, the EV might come with a 500km range with a 96kWh battery pack which might put down 150kW of power (201bhp) and 1200Nm of peak torque. Pravaig also has many ambitious features to offer like potential autonomous driving modes, adaptive cruise control, swappable batteries, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration, and extensive connectivity features including multiple  USB ports and wireless charging.

Pravaig is outsourcing the manufacturing task to a third-party OEM. Although, the car was designed in-house by a team of 60 members. It also outsourcing the manufacturing of many key components like the HVAC and other electrical systems to save R&D costs.


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