Pope Francis’s Lamborghini Huracan sold for Rs 5.7 Crores at charity auction

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For those of you who aren’t aware of the Vatican’s baby Lambo then here it goes, Automobili Lamborghini had gifted Pope Francis a Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 painted in the signature white-and-gold colours of the Vatican last November. The high-performance supercar is powered by a 602 Bhp naturally-aspirated V10 engine and can hit the holy mark of 200 mph(321 km/h). Sadly words like ‘Exquisite’, ‘Performance’ and ‘V10’ don’t go hand in hand with the Vatican and not surprisingly Pope Francis decided to sell the car to generate money for charity rather than adding it to his holy inventory.

The one-off Huracan was specifically commissioned for the Pope and was presented to his holiness in November last year at the Vatican, where the car was signed by the Pope himself. The Papal Lamborghini Huracan recently rolled across the block at RM Sotheby’s auction in Monte Carlo, selling for about 860,000$ which translates to Rs 5.79 Crores at current exchange rates. A standard Lamborghini Huracan costs 200,000$ and amounts to a fourth of the sale price of the Vatican’s Huracan. RM Sotheby is known to have auctioned a host of rare collectables in the past, and the Holy Lamborghini certainly makes it in the top 10.

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Spanish rental car agency Rent Car Deluxe purchased the Huracan from the auction house and will be using the car as a rental. Victor Masip the company’s marketing and communications director quoted “We want the people to suggest a price for the Huracan rental”.

Proceeds from the sale of the special edition exotic will be used for the reconstruction of Christian communities and promoting rehabilitation along the Nineveh Plain near the Tigris River in Iraq, among other charities. Keeping with the spirit of the sale, Rent Car Deluxe plans to donate all the future rental proceeds to charity as well.

This isn’t the first time such exotic and unusual gifts are being auctioned off by the Vatican. The Pope had auctioned his Harley-Davidson in 2014, which sold for a record US$300,000 and he also sold an Apple iPad for more than US$30,000.

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