Volvo Polestar 1 Hybrid Coupe Crash Test – Carbon Fibre Body

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Volvo performance sub-brand Polestar is preparing production launch of their first vehicle. Polestar 1, a 600hp Hybrid Coupe limited to 500 cars per year is gonna be a special car for the company.

Backed up by Volvo you know it’s gonna be one of the safest cars around. Polestar has built 34 prototype models to be used during on-the-road testing and crash safety assessment. Therefore, Polestar just released a video of a private crash test of the Polestar 1. And the result is very good. Meanwhile, the different thing about the Polestar 1 body structure is made out of Carbon Fibre Polymer. It also has a traditional steel body structure. To clarify the integrity of this new body structure the crash test was conducted.

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For instance, Normal steel bends and takes the impact of the crash. Carbon fibre cracks and shatters into thousand pieces dissipating the energy. The car was tested with speed of 35mph(56kmph) with frontal collision to the wall. As you can see in the video car’s body takes all the energy. Further, very less of energy is transferred to the cabin, and it remains fairly rigid with no sign of bending.

Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer at Polestar said “We were really excited about this crash test. The first crash test of Polestar 1 has been about exploring the unknown. This was a crucial proof point in the development of Polestar 1; we had to know that the ideas and calculations that have gone into building this car were right – and they were”

Those little explosives on the roof you see going off is known as “squib board”. It contains a number of sensors known as squibs (pyrotechnical devices) which are connected to various elements inside the car like airbags, seat belts, etc. Which helps engineers to monitor the triggering sequence.

Zef van der Putten, Polestar’s carbon expert said “The outcome of this first crash test validates the decision to build the body of Polestar 1 in carbon fibre. It also confirms that carbon fibre supports the highest safety standards.”

Polestar 1 was tested in Volvo Cars Safety Center in Gothenburg, Sweden where Volvo keeps testing their other cars. Polestar will continue to further test the car with different scenarios.

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