Pirelli Develop World’s First Tyres With 5G Network

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Pirelli Develop World's First Tyres With 5G Network

After Self-driving cars, 5G technology will be another advanced skill in the automotive world which is the next level. It will help the cars to communicate wirelessly with each other, with traffic signals and other roadside equipment, hence enhancing the functionality as well as providing high-level safety. Similarly, Pirelli has set a new example by developing tyres that communicate with the 5G network.

Pirelli is the first tyre making firm in the world to communicate data identified by intelligent tyres concerning the roads through the 5G network. It is an astonishing development which indicates the emerging creativity in technology. Recently, the company revealed the “World-first 5G enhanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) services” in Turin. Pirelli was a part of 5GAA– Automotive Association’s event, “The 5G Path of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication” where the project was explained.

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Pirelli Develop World's First Tyres With 5G Network

Using the 5G’s ultra-high band and low latency, a vehicle integrated with the sensor implemented Pirelli Cyber Tyre and linked to the 5G network was capable of transferring the chance of aquaplaning recognised by the tyres to the subsequent car. The project was showcased in association with Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italdesign and KTH.

As said by the company, the tyre is the only thing which joins the car and road. Using Pirelli’s new 5G technology, it interacted with the vehicle, driver and the intact roadway base. The company has fitted sensor inside the all-new Pirelli Cyber Tyre which will transmit the vehicle with information relevant to the tyre model, kilometres clocked, dynamic load and, circumstances of inherent uncertainty on the roadway as well, from the water contact to inadequate grip.

The data displayed will assist to have better command and driving assistance systems, considerably advancing safety, convenience and performance. The 5G network technology has made it possible for Pirelli to install the tyre in a more comprehensive connection that includes the road condition data. It will be the future for autonomous vehicles which are assumed to be safer. The telemetric data will assist the driver with implications and advice to enhance safe driving on the road.

Image Source: Pirelli

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