Pininfarina Battista – 1900BHP Electric Car! New Images Released

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Pininfarina Battista - 1900BHP Electric Car! New Images Released

Italians make the most beautiful and elegant sports car of the all-time. And that’s not only limited to V12 fitted performance cars. Automobili Pininfarina has released new shots of their electric hypercar Battista and it like a stealthy sportscar. Yes, Pininfarina is the same design house owned by Mahindra and now they are on to make superfast electric cars.

Pininfarina Battista - 1900BHP Electric Car! New Images Released

The Pininfarina Battista will also be showcased in Monterey Car Week, California. The new images feature revised front for better aerodynamics. Every crease in the bonnet is there to reduce drag and increase speed and range. In fact, Pininfarina claims that the new design will help to increase the range to somewhere around 300 miles (482 km).

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But the range is not its forte nor the reason why Pininfarina Battista is hyped in the Auto industry. Being tested by Nick Heidfeld, former Formula One and Formula E racer you know that this car packs some serious performance. Or the right word will be mind-boggling performance figures.

Pininfarina Battista - 1900BHP Electric Car! New Images Released

What propels it? How much seconds to a tonne? A 120-kilowatt lithium-ion battery sourced from Rimac which generates 1,900bhp and 2,300Nm of torque! Hundred comes in under 2 seconds, 300 kmph in 12 seconds and a top speed of 350kmph. It’s the same powertrain found on Rimac C_Two, but the way both of these cars will drive will to be very different. As said by the CEO of Pininfarina “We will share probably 40-50 per cent of the pure technical components. There is the raw skeleton of the drivetrain, but how it has been tuned; the acceleration amplitude, the drive mode characteristics, these all come from us and are very different.”

Pininfarina Battista - 1900BHP Electric Car! New Images Released

Pininfarina will also showcase their design heritage in the Monterey Car Week. Michael Perschke said, “We will celebrate the breathtaking design heritage of Pininfarina whilst presenting our Pura Vision—a design model that shows how Automobili Pininfarina will channel historic inspiration into a vision of the future of automotive luxury.”

Deliveries of the Battista in 2nd half of 2020, and will be limited to 150 units. And more than half of the units have already been sold, and you need to shell out 2 million euros to get yours. Pininfarina is not going to stop here, they have plans to launch an electric SUV next to compete with Lamborghini Urus.

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