When you have to give a wedding gift to someone, then what comes into your mind. It could be many precious gifts, but have you ever heard a wedding couple receiving petrol as their wedding gift. It sounds weird, but this has actually happened. As we all know, the petrol prices are increasing unconditionally in India so, petrol is now the best gift for everyone. In Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu a couple was gifted petrol on their special day by friends as a present.

Yesterday, Elanchezian and Kanimozhi got married in Cuddalore district’s Kumaratchi. The bridegroom’s friends gifted him more than five liters of petrol. Many of you will take it as a joke, but it is a really helpful gift received by the couple as the groom is an auto driver. In recent days, Tamil Nadu has reported the highest price of petrol than the whole country which reaches Rs. 85.15 per liter. As per his fellows, the reason behind giving such a gift is that the fuel expressed a stock worthy of being given in terms of a present.

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Tamil Nadu Couple Receives 5-Litres Petrol As Wedding Gift By Friends
Tamil Nadu Couple Receives 5-Litres Petrol As Wedding Gift By Friends

The couple first refused to accept the gift from his friends. They thought its a joke, although after some time they appreciated the view of giving such a useful gift. According to the reports, the groom’s friend said that after looking at the rising price of the petrol in the state, it is reliable sufficient to be given as a present. The peoples present on the occasion were giggling while the couple received the petrol. Nevertheless, most of the attendees comprehended the actual purposes of the groom’s buddies.

In a report, one of the couple’s friend claimed, “Since the fuel prices were surging for the last few weeks, we wanted to bring it to the fore how a common man had been getting affected due to the hike. The couple felt happy after receiving our gift.” In an interview, the groom friends told that the hiked prices of the petrol have affected the autorickshaw drivers as they have to charge more from their passengers who are not ready to pay the cost. So, they picked petrol as a gift for their friend’s wedding, just to help them. On Saturday, BJP President, Amit Shah claimed that the government will soon take major steps to control the increasing rates of petrol and diesel.

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