Okinawa I-Praise – The Pre-Bookings Have Commenced

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Okinawa I-Praise - The Pre-Bookings Have Commenced

Okinawa Scooters announced the commencement of the pre – bookings of their electric scooter named i-Praise today on 14th December, 2018. The pre – bookings of the Okinawa i-Praise, the intelligent scooter will be accepted by the 200 plus Okinawa Scooters authorized dealerships present all over the country. The bookings will be accepted by the payment of a nominal token amount of Rs 5,000. The initial round is only open for the first 500 pre bookings and the deliveries of the electric scooter will begin after the official launch of the scooter. The official launch of the scooter is scheduled to be in January 2019.

Jeetender Sharma, Founder & MD, Okinawa Scooters shared, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce the pre-booking of i-Praise #TheIntelligentScooter. We have channelized our engineering and manufacturing prowess to provide our users with a futuristic e-scooter that solves all their commuting woes. With the pre-bookings commencing from Dec 14 and only going on till the first 500 orders, we are looking forward to an affirmative response.”

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Okinawa I-Praise - The Pre-Bookings Have Commenced Image Source - DriveSpark
Okinawa I-Praise – The Pre-Bookings Have Commenced Image Source – DriveSpark

The Okinawa i-Praise is likely to be priced at around Rs 71,000 [ex showroom – Delhi]. The new electric scooter of the Okinawa will feature a modified design and unprecedented aesthetics. However, the most important part of the scooter is the lithium ion detachable battery. Powering the Okinawa i-Praise is a 1 kW electric motor. The other features on the electric scooter regarded as the Intelligent Scooter including LED daytime running lights, e – ABS, USB port as well as an anti theft alarm. The electric scooters from the Okinawa have already made their place in the country’s electric vehicle market by providing the interesting products on offer.

The Okinawa i-Praise comes with a Lithium ion detectable battery, which allows the riders to charge at their own convenience. Okinawa has reduced the time span of charging to only 2-3 hours by using the lithium ion battery. Moreover, the implementation of the lithium ion battery instead of the heavier Lead Acid Battery has reduced the weight of the scooter by up to 40 percent. The Okinawa i-Praise has claimed range of 160 km to 180 km in a full charge. The top speed attained by the scooter is 55 kmph to 75 kmph.

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Shreya Neogy

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