Okinawa Electric Two Wheeler Manufacturer On Electric Vehicle Policy

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Okinawa Electric Two Wheeler Manufacturer On Electric Vehicle Policy

Okinawa is the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer offering maximum localisation of product. It is an Indian brand that is also working towards launching the first 100 per cent Make in India electric bike. It has witnessed a whopping rise in sales post lockdown got lifted.

Mr. Jeetender Sharma- MD and Founder, Okinawa sharing his opinion and views on the policy.“It is a motivation to see the government working towards accelerating adoption of electric mobility. The policy now allows selling electric vehicles without batteries. This widens the scope for manufacturers and buyers both. We are swiftly adopting the much-needed flexibility and comfort in the EV ecosystem. Tax rebates will help drive the demand better. This is also expected to reduce the overall cost of acquisition of the product by saving amount in the vehicle registration procedure, thus offering affordability. We look forward to more such industry boosting policies,”

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