No Rear AC vents? INR 80 ought to fix it for you!

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DIY_Rear_AC Vent

With the mercury rising up day by day, people are sorting to various ways to beat the heat. However, if you happen to commute by car more so frequently, AC is your only savior. The thing here is, not many cars offer a rear AC vent and it is a boon to have it in our country’s summer.

We have got your back and here is a little DIY trick to retrofit your car with a rear AC. The video below, by Easy Life Ideas, shows how to fix this one.

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Most cars have the rear AC vent just after gear and the handbrake console, above the central transmission tunnel. This is where we are going to operate the car to get the AC vents in place.

Here is a simple 6 step DIY

  1. Loosen and remove all the plastic cladding around the central tunnel. The claddings around the gear stick and handbrake have to come out
  2. Cut a hole in the plastic cladding at the end of the central tunnel, facing the rear. This is where the AC vents will be positioned
  3. Now, take a drain pipe and run it across the length of the central tunnel, in a way that it will be under the plastic cladding once the claddings are in place
  4. Secure the plastic claddings in place. Care should be taken to ensure you have sufficient length of the drain pipe before securing the plastic claddings
  5. Connect the other end of the drain pipe to the AC vents below the dashboard. These vents are the ones that are used to direct air towards the legs of the front passengers
  6. Secure the pipe to the AC vents and after proper insulation, and voila, you have a working rear AC vent
To turn on the rear AC, set the airflow knob to up and down, and to set rear AC only, set the airflow knob to Down only. To turn Rear AC off, set the airflow knob to up only. 
  • Choose the drain pipe of adequate length. This varies depending on the car, length of central tunnel and position of AC vent below the dashboard
  • The hole at the central tunnel must be cut precisely for the pipe to fit correctly
  • Apply a strong adhesive to the pipe rim while attaching the pipe to the hole
  • Cover the drain pipe with an insulating material to prevent loss of cooling.
  • Attach a second drain pipe to draw air from driver side lower air vent to have a strong Rear AC. If doing so cut a rectangular hole and you can get an AC vent fixed too. This will enable directional control for the AC vents

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