Why should you go for Nissan Magnite instead of Kia Sonet?

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Why should you go for Nissan Magnite instead of Kia Sonet?

If you are a car lover and planning to buy SUV for yourself, there are many choices available in the market, out of which Nissan Magnite and Kia Sonnet have become the buyers favourite. For 2021 Nissan Magnite and Kia Sonet are the biggest launches in the sub-compact SUV segment in our country. Both the models picked up the market with outstanding launches finding takers in the first few weeks of their respective launches. Some suggest that you should buy Nissan Magnite, other Kia Sonet. Find out which car is best for you: is it Nissan Magnite or the Kia Sonet.

Don’t get confused we are there to help you out, let’s compare the duo based on its offerings.

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PRICE: The cost of Nissan Magnite is Rs 5.49 Lakh ex-showroom for XE (Petrol), while the cost of Kia Sonet is Rs 6.79 Lakh ex-showroom for 1.2 HTE (Petrol)Sonet has a 1493 cc (Diesel top model) engine, while Magnite has 999 cc (Petrol top model) engine. The Nissan Magnite is less expensive than the Kia Sonet, not only that it is the cheapest SUV in the Indian car market.

SPACE OFFERED- The Magnite is 3,994 mm long, 1,758 mm wide, 1,572 mm tall with a 2,500 mm-long wheelbase. On the other side, Kia Sonet is 3,995 mm long, 1,790 mm wide, 1,642 mm tall with a 2,500 mm-long wheelbase. The data indicate that though Sonet is longer, wider, and taller than Nissan Magnite their wheelbase is the same for both of them. For the luggage space the Nissan’s Magnite offers more space than the Kia Sonet with 336-litres of luggage space, the Sonet offers 392-litres of boot space.

INTERIOR– The interior of the sonnet is magnificent with a premium finish, but where it lacks is with its instrument cluster which is the odd one out. This could have been a better one. When it is to mention Nissan’s Magnite’s interior, it is more refreshing and economically designed.

MILEAGE– Nissan Magnite delivers 18.75 Km/l of mileage; on the other hand Kia sonet gives 18.40 Km/l which is less than the Magnite.

TRANSMISSION– It is one of the important aspects of any model just like the engine specs.  For the Kia Sonet, a buyer gets an option of CVT, AMT and DCT. But if you are planning to own a turbo variant, one get DCT and IMT as an option (which may work for the buyers).On the other hand, the DCT is complex with a dry clutch transmission, this is the reason when a buyer uses this model in a traffic area where one has to stop and go, one may come across the heating issue.  The Nissan has kept it simple with CVT transmission, which gives the better output. The shifts offered are very smooth in Magnite and if it is mention about the Turbo CVT of Nissan it is the most affordable compact SUV in the Indian car market.

With the above points explained, hope it is clear now that Nissan Magnite can be a better option than the Kia Sonnet if you are planning to buy an SUV.

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