Speed Limits Now Allows Cars To Go Upto 70 Kmph In Urban Areas

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New Speed Limits Allows Cars To Go Upto 70 Kmph In Urban Areas

Indian Road conditions are always been in highlights and debatable. The roads are now more occupied with number of cars and everyday the count is increasing. Following this now the Central Government has approved to increase the urban road limits to 70 Kmph for cars. The new resolution also includes the increased speed limits of the cargo vehicle upto 60 kmph and two-wheelers upto 50 kmph. The current speed limit in the urban areas are 40-50 kmph depending upon the road condition and certain prime areas. The increment though may be criticized by commoners. However, the raise in speed limits are increased, considering the new road projects and growing number of ring roads arterial stretches in urban areas.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari remitted the bill earlier this week for new speed limits for all the five categories of road (Expressways, National Highways, State Highways, Rural Roads and Urban Road). Earlier this year, the ministry also increased the speed limit of expressways to 120 kmph. A committee headed by joint secretary (transport) Abhay Damle had recommended higher speed limits on expressways and for buses on highways.

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The mandate, as said that state governments and local authorities can set limits for each category considering the road condition and safety of other road users under the specified limit prescribed by the Central Government. This means the speed limit by the State Government can only be under prescribed – 70 kmph for cars, 60 kmph for Cargo Vehicle and 50 kmph for two-wheeler and not exceed the prescribed limit.

Additionally, the proposal also recommends to take no action on drivers exceeding the speed limit by a maximum of 5 percent, which make about 73 – 74 kmph.

Well, the decisions are taken considering the improved road networks across India. However, there have been cases wherein many accidents were reported over bad road conditions and poth holes in the road.

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