Vehicles in Delhi Must Get High-Security Number Plates Or Else Jail Term

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Vehicles in Delhi Must Get High-Security Number Plates Or Else Jail Term

The transport department has recently declared that the vehicle owners in New Delhi must renew their old number plates into a high-safety license plate. The rule is mandatory for all that is to be executed before October 13. If you are caught with the old license plate, then you might land in legal trouble. You can be also fined for not renewing to a new number plate. Although, before that, the transport department will circulate a major awareness drive programme. The new programme aims at diminishing the threat of unauthorized number plates. The department has found that there are many unauthorized license plates in the state.

The new two and four wheelers are already allotted with new high-security license plates, but the owners with old vehicles must have to register for these advanced plates. The state transport department announced, “According to our estimates, there are close to 40 lakh vehicles, including both four-wheelers and two-wheelers, that do not have high-security registration plates”. The registration for the new license plates will begin from October 2 and the last date to apply for these highly-modified plates is October 13.

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Vehicles in Delhi Must Get High-Security Number Plates Or Else Jail Term
Vehicles in Delhi Must Get High-Security Number Plates Or Else Jail Term

The department also said, “We will ensure that the color sticker and high-security registration plate is installed in the vehicles at the same time so that people wouldn’t have to visit the centers twice”. They further added, “At present, there are 13 centers authorized to fix the new number plates. We plan to refurbish these centers as a huge rush is expected in the coming days. Public awareness programme and advertisements in newspapers will also be carried out.”

In 2012, Supreme Court ordered states and Union Territories to make the establishment of high-security license plates mandatory for vehicles by June 15. It was also ordered to release the first set of the advanced number plates in April 2012 for Delhi. The department will also make the service available online so that the peoples don’t have to rush to centers for registration. The owners of two-wheelers have to pay Rs 67 for applying for the new security number plate. On the other hand, the four wheelers owners have to spend Rs 213.

The new advance license plates are tamper resistance as well as combined with many security features. It is equipped with a chromium-based and self-destructive hologram stamp. It has a distinctive sticker, which includes the vehicle engine, chassis, and laser-branding of 10-digit PAN number of the owner. The transport department has taken such a major step to lower the increasing vehicle theft in New Delhi.

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Image Source: TOI

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