5 Essential Monsoon Car Care Tips You Must Follow

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5 Essential Monsoon Car Care Tips You Must Follow

It is that time of the year again when the rain plays havoc with regions in India. 2018 is witnessing an above rainfall in most parts of the country, and if IMD is to be believed, a lot more rains are forecasted ahead. What this means that you need to take certain precautions in mind during this season and few car care tips would keep your vehicle running all time during monsoons.

Keep an eye out for the following:

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Car Care Tip 1 – Vehicle Tyres: The need for good tread is pretty obvious- it helps maintain good grip on various road surfaces. There is always the risk of aquaplaning while driving in rain. Tyres tend to lose pressure, so make sure you have adequate inflation this season.

Car Care Tip 2 – Brakes: Considered to be the most critical parts of a car, one must ensure that car brakes are in good condition. Make sure the brake pads are cleaned. In fact, they should be replaced if necessary. Additionally, you also need to check upon brake fluid levels and brake lines, wherein the latter should be adequately lubricated. If your vehicle comes with ABS, ensure that it works properly.

Car Care Tip 3 – Car body: As per monsoon car care tips, wax polish must be used to create a thin, protective layer around the paint. Wax will ensure that water rolls off easily. Ensure that you grease the door hinges and also check upon the rubber lining on windows. As a precaution, you could get underbody protection done for your car. This will protect the low parts of the car from rust.

Car Care Tip 4 – Wipers: One cannot help but emphasize the importance of working wipers on your car. They are essential for your safety, ensuring optimum visibility in various rainy conditions. You must check on the condition of the wiper blades, and change them if they have worn out. Also ensure that the wiper washer bottle has adequate water.

Car Care Tip 5 –Interiors & Electrical fittings: In case water enters the car’s interiors, it can damage floor mats and carpets. Fabric mats instead of rubber mats would be a better bet. Vacuuming the car regularly would prevent chances of foul odor.  Patch up loose electrical connections if any. Make sure all the fuses are fine, and change them if not. Wiping headlights with toothpaste and cleaning them with water will make them shiny.

Here are some of the safe driving tips in monsoon:

  • In case the windshield gets foggy, point the AC vent towards it.
  • Slow driving will definitely be helpful in heavy rain
  • Do not splash through excessive water. It is likely to stall the engine
  • Car covers should not be used during monsoons, as moisture tends to get trapped inside, leading to fungus.

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