Dad builds a miniature Electric Royal Enfield Bullet for his son!

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Miniature Electric Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield bullet is the oldest motorcycle in continuous production. The brand has an undeniable place in history and has developed a cult following worldwide.While owing a Royal Enfield is a dream for many, not all are able to realize the dream. But quite a few are lucky enough to own it with little assembling work. This kid from Kerala insisted on riding a Royal Enfield Bullet. But his dad, went further and built him one! Yes, if there is a “Dad of the Year Award” constituted, this man from Kerala deserves it!

Pure Attention to Detail!

The man from Kollam has built a miniature Royal Enfield Bullet – which is battery powered. In the video shown by ETV Andhra and shot in Kollam, a kid, aged about 5-7 years is seen riding the miniature RE. He ups the cool quotient with a sunglasses too! What is interesting here is the immense attention to detail that went into making this miniature. The mini Royal Enfield is complete with classic round headlamps and  single pod instrument cluster. What more? it even has suspension, indicators and engine guard. Except the fact that this is powered by battery. Given the level of detail gone into the miniature, Dad himself must be riding a bull. Watch the video below!

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While many small displacement engines are available for fitting into such bikes, they need transmission setup to work. On the other hand, battery powered drive train is easy to install, use and maintain. The fenders and other parts are made of fibre glass while the chassis is made from steel. All the components were made-by-hand, staying true to RE heritage. The fuel tank even has the Royal Enfield logo. The video also states that the battery can last for about 3 hours – which is excellent, considering it is hand built.

We do hope that Royal Enfield is listening to this!!

Video/Photo : Courtesy of ETV Andhra Pradesh

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