Fancy an Electric Mini anybody? BMW might just bring one

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mini cooper se

With one carmaker after the other entering our electric vehicle market, luxury car makers aren’t that far behind. In fact, Audi had earlier showcased its e-tron in India, which is very likely to be launched next year. Porsche has unveiled the Taycan electric sports car. Now, another German marque, BMW is thinking of entering the electric car race in India. For the record, BMW already launched its i8 electric sports car in India and has had some success with it. This time though, they are thinking of bringing their electric hatch, the Mini Cooper SE – according to a report by ET Auto.

If all the cards fall in place, this could very well play into the hands of the Mini. They also have an assembly plant in Chennai, which will help them to bring the Mini Cooper SE with a more affordable price tag to the customers. Francois Roca, head of Mini in Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa regions told ET, “If the market is ready to welcome electric mobility, we will be there. We have a plant in Chennai, this helps us to have, let’s say, a more approachable price tag or a different category of customer”. He further added that the company is studying the feasibility of electric vehicles in India.

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What to expect in the Mini Cooper SE

The Mini Cooper SE is an all-new electric car from the BMW group after the i3. The Cooper SE is in fact based on the same platform as the BMW i3 electric car. The Electric Cooper will be launched internationally in March 2020. It is powered by a 32.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that makes 186PS and 270 Nm. The WLTP range is approximately 233 km and the mini can catapult from a 0 to 100 in about 7.2 seconds.

The Cooper SE retains all the proportions of the regular mini with subtle design changes to differentiate it from the petrol-powered siblings. One of the many changes is, the conventional grille being replaced by a silver and green panel with an ‘e’ badge. Other interesting bits include LED tail lamps that resemble the Union Jack and asymmetrical wheel design.

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