Milkman Sets His Royal Enfield On Fire When Asked to Show Papers

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Milkman Sets His Royal Enfield On Fire When Asked to Show Papers Image Source - Hindustan Times

A milkman set fire to his Royal Enfield motorcycle when he was caught by the traffic policeman and was asked to show the documents of the motorcycle. The incident occurred a few days back on November 7 afternoon near DSD College on New Railway Road. Fortunately, no one was injured by the fire. Police said the fire was put out by fire tenders which reached the spot within minutes. However, the fire created panic among the shopkeepers, shoppers and commuters near by.

The unidentified milkman was stopped by the traffic policeman because the motorcycle did not have the mandatory high security number plate. Besides that on the rear number plate ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ was written which violets the norms. Moreover, the unidentified man was not wearing his helmet. A traffic police officer stopped him and told him about his violations and asked him to show his bike’s papers. The milkman instead of showing the documents pulled out the pipe connecting the fuel tank with the motor and set the fire on fire. The fire created chaos and panic and taking its advantage the accused fled. While the traffic coops were focusing on the burning vehicle and ensuring that no one gets hurt, the man walked away from the scene.

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The video footage of the incident shows that the milkman was in his early 30s wearing a camouflage T – shirt and a black scarf wrapped around his neck. The video shows the milkman getting angry and a traffic police officer standing near him with an e – challan machine on his hand. Krishan Kumar Assistant sub-inspector (traffic), who was present at the spot, said that around 3 pm, traffic policemen stopped the accused near DSD College and asked for documents. “He got down and said he will give the document and then set the bike on fire,” he said.

“The traffic police said that they will give us a written complaint and once we receive it, we will file an FIR and start the investigation,” the SHO said. The bike’s number plate read “HR 26 JAAT” and police said they are trying to trace the vehicle using the engine and chasis number. “The engine and chasis number are visible and we are trying to trace the vehicle using it,” the SHO said.

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