Upcoming SUV MG Gloster Will Get Adaptive Cruise Control – Video

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Upcoming SUV MG Gloster Will Get Adaptive Cruise Control - Video

MG India is all ready to launch its newest SUV, The Gloster. MG likes to bring in first in segment feature and label them as India’s first feature. This time the Gloster will be India’s first Autonomous Level-1 SUV. What makes the Gloster Autonomous? Well, various lists of features that are yet to be seen in this segment.

MG has showcased a video of one of these features “Adaptive Cruise Control”. While all of you know what cruise control is, a convincing feature that lets you set speed on the highway so that your right foot can rest. But in a country like India, it is hard to enjoy these features due to constant braking even on the highways. It is super annoying to set the cruise again and again.

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Comes the Adaptive Cruise Control for the rescue. What it does is you can set a safe distance from the front vehicle, so if the front vehicle slows down your car will automatically slow down, and when the road is clear again, It will come back to the set cruise speed. So you can just engage the adaptive cruise control and relax your foot.

So MG Gloster is India’s first Autonomous Level-1 SUV. What are these levels? There are 5 Autonomous levels of automation that tell how capable a vehicle is of operating on its own. Level 1 features smart driver assistance aids like adaptive cruise control. Level 2 includes automated braking and lane control etc. Level 3 includes partial automatic driving, while level 4 full-automatic driving in highways while Level 5 is when AI does all the work for you.

Upcoming SUV MG Gloster Will Get Adaptive Cruise Control - Video

MG Gloster also features include Front Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), Auto Park Assist (APA), and Lane Departure Warning (LDW).

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