Mercedes X Class mounted with a Mobile Radar

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Mercedes X Class

SAAB – a long forgotten name in the Automotive industry. It was founded in 1937 as an aircraft company to strengthen the Swedish Air Force. Though the automotive division went defunct in 2002, they still diversify in various defense systems and fighter aircraft manufacturing. Part of their arsenal is air defence sensor systems – including airborne early warning, airborne fire control, ground imaging, reconnaissance and ground based air defence.

They have devised a lightweight radar. Weighing at just 150 Kgs, the Giraffe 1X can be easily deployed and transported. SAAB has demonstrated it by mounting the Giraffe 1X radar to a Mercedes X Class pickup truck. The Mercedes X Class was jointly developed by Mercedes and Renault-Nissan alliance. The X Class takes the chassis from the famous Nissan Navara truck and employs Mercedes specific components and technology.

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Some Specs of the Monster Merc

Designated to be the world’s first premium pickup truck, the monster Mercedes has one petrol and two diesel engines to choose from. The Petrol engine is a 2 Litre inline 4 with churning out 165 PS. Of the two diesel engines, you get a 2.2 Litre Inline 4 and a 3 Litre V6 with the output varying from 163 PS to 258 PS. That’s some serious power under your right foot. The X class is only available in select markets – Australia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

The electronic nannies that aids to keep the monster under control include Downhill speed regulation and Active brake assist to name a few. With 222mm of ground clearance and 600mm water wading depth, combined with 30 degree approach angle and 25 degree departure angle, no place is unreachable for the X Class. What more – The X Class is capable of towing upto 3200 Kg. That’s some serious towing capacity – more than the weight of the pickup itself.

Image, courtesy of SAAB

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