Mercedes E-Class Sedan Making Camouflaged Test Runs In Germany

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Mercedes E-Class Sedan Making Camouflaged Test Runs In Germany

We have got some sneak peak of the face of the new Mercedes E-Class Sedan facelift all the way from Germany. Not many days ago, Mercedes E-Class All Terrain and E-Class Coupe was spied while being tested in facelifted guise. Although the early look of the vehicle don’t have much to offer, as the prototype consists of ghastly provisional clusters in place of production ready taillight, which are usually seen on next generation automobiles and not mid cycle refresh.

The rear end of the car is seen to be heavily camouflaged maybe in order to keep the newly designed taillights hidden. On the front end the same designed headlights as seen earlier on the other two Mercedes can be spied. A line of resemblance can be drawn from the A-Class and 2019 CLS  models in the matter of lights, just a little bit less sleek than the ones on the hatchback or the swoopy sedan. The front bumper features a black camo most likely used to hide cosmetic changes here and there. A mesh patterned fabric also hides the front grille of the Sedan. There is no sign of the three pointed star, neither is the badge at the back and on the centre of the wheels visible.

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Going by the intuition the car is atleast a year and half away from an official launch, as it is nowhere mentioned in the Mercedes’ 2019 roadmap, and then it might be available in the dealerships. Anyway the manufacturers have to keep it as a long awaited surprise to beat the likes of Audi A6 and its derivatives. I guess we all have to wait till the further details or more such spy images come up as much about it is not known till now.

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