Mercedes Benz Unveiled EQC Electric SUV, Sales Will Start in 2020

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Mercedes Benz Unveiled EQC Electric SUV, Sales Will Start in 2020

Mercedes Benz unveiled its EQC electric SUV in Stockholm and it will go on sales in USA sometime in 2020. This is the company’s first move against their German rival Tesla.

The electric vehicle runs on a 80 kW battery which is capable of running 610 Kilometers on a full charge. The two motors on either side of the axles produce a power of 402 hp and 764.66 NM of torque. The car takes 4.9 seconds to reach 60 mph and eventually touches the top speed 112 mph in a short span. The interiors are adorned with blue mood lighting, mixed with piano-black surfaces and rose gold accents and a well equipped MBUX infotainment system which sits on an open book dashboard.

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Mercedes Benz Unveiled EQC Electric SUV, Sales Will Start in 2020

“The power consumption and range of electric vehicles depends very much on the driving style,” Mercedes says. “The EQC supports its driver with five driving programs through dynamic select, each with different characteristics: comfort, eco, max range, sport and individual for an individually customizable program. In the more economical driving modes, the haptic accelerator pedal that prompts the driver to conserve power plays an important role. The driver is also able to influence the recuperation level using paddles behind the steering wheel.”

“Electric now has a Mercedes — with the EQC, we are putting the first Mercedes‑Benz of our new product and technology brand EQ onto the roads. EQ stands for ‘Electric Intelligence’ and represents Mercedes-Benz in its most progressive way. We are systematically using human-centered innovation by incorporating intelligent services and networked charging solutions for our customers from the very start.” said Britta Seeger, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG.

Mercedes Benz Unveiled EQC Electric SUV, Sales Will Start in 2020

Although competitions are not judged right away but, the Jaguar i-pace with 90 kW battery and Audi e-tron with 95 kW battery might give the 80 kW GLC size crossover enough reasons to worry.

“In the increasing broad portfolio of Mercedes-Benz, the EQ brand provides easy and transparent guidance for customers interested in electric drive. For the brand as a whole, EQ is a further, logical step within the Mercedes-Benz strategy of “Best Customer Experience. All in all, more than 10 billion euros will be invested in expansion of the electric fleet in the next few years, and an additional billion in battery production. At the same time, we are also investing in the systematic expansion of the charging infrastructure,” further stated Mercedes.

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