2019 Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster Convertible Unveiled

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2019 Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster Convertible Unveiled

For those of you who’d like to own a convertible AMG Roadster but want something which sits in the middle of the charts, nothing too fast to upset your life insurance company or too peasantry to leave you searching for a McDonald’s, then here’s your answer. The new Mercedes  AMG GT S Roadster, the newest addition to the GT Roadster lineup has it notched above the standard Roadster and the superfast GT C Roadster.

So what does this rich kid’s toy got? Well from the exteriors it’s a lot similar to the standard GT Roadster which itself is a handsome brute. Being a drop-top it gets a power-folding fabric roofwhich can be opted in black, beige or red. There are new air intake grilles on the front bumper along with a diffuser and carbon-fibre front splitter. Even if it’s a sporty convertible, the Mercedes badge doesn’t allow compromises on luxury and equipment. There’s an Airscarf neck-level heating system, ventilated seats to keep the bottoms cool, Nappa leather upholstery and carbon fibre interior trim.

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To keep the performance on tap there are five different driving modes to get acquainted with – Individual, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Race. As for the options, the AMG Dynamic Plus package bundles active engine and transmission mounts, sportier carbon fibre garnish inside the cabin and a wider power band for the Race mode. A Performance steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster also make for a fastidious addition.

Under the hood, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster is powered by the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that serves duty across the AMG GT lineup. It has been tuned to produce a maximum power of 515 Bhp and a peak torque of 670 Nm. All of this comes mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch drivetrain. The GT S Roadster also comes standard with adaptive dampers and an electronically controlled limited-slip differential.

Mercedes GT S Roadster can do 0 to 100 Kmph in 3.7 seconds and will hit a top speed of 310 Kmph. That puts the GT S’s performance right between the GT Roadster(0 to 100 Kmph in 3.9 seconds, top seed 302 Kmph) and GT C Roadster(0 to 100 Kmph in 3.6 seconds, 315 Kmph top speed).

There are no official announcements for the India launch yet the GT S Roadster is making debut across European and American markets. Given that the standard AMG GT Roadster is priced at Rs 2.15 Crore, we can expect the new GT S to cost a bit more. Overall the Mercedes AMG GT Roadster is an AMG Mercedes that ticks all the boxes for a high-performance convertible and still manages to please the mesial man with deep pockets.

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