Mercedes-Benz Accused of Using Defeating Software to Pass Emission Norms

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Mercedes following foot way of Volkswagen ? Volkswagen in year 2015 was more famous with its diesel gate scam wherein software programs were installed in the vehicles to pass the stringent US Emission norms. The Software would help the manufacturer to maintain the emission norms falsely without much working on engine’s emission performance. The Volkswagen was forced to billions of dollars in fines after it was caught guilty.

Mercedes-Benz Accused of Using Defeating Software to Pass Emission Norms
Mercedes-Benz Accused of Using Defeating Software to Pass Emission Norms

Now A German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has reported that US Department of Justice has accused Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler of using software programs to tweak emission statistics in their diesel models to meet the stringent US Emission norms.

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The software allows the diesel models to maintain the emission standards within the limited emission norms for a specific period of time and after which the emission where at original, uncontrolled level which is very high compared to the specific standards. The Software switches on and off the emission control system depending upon the whether the car is being tested in a lab or not is called a “defeat device,” and unless the automaker gets explicit permission to have one, a defeat device’s inclusion in an auto system is illegal in the US.

According to the information provided by Bild am Sonntag, Software program like “Bit 13” function which is been developed for Mercedes-Benz diesel powered models. The program switch the diesel engine to “dirty mode” once it emits 16 grams of NOx. Additionally, it is suspected that another software function “Bit 14” is also used to pass the FTP-75 warm test cycle by switching the engine to “dirty mode” under specific temperature and preset periods of time. One more software named “Bit 15” is also claimed to be used to pass the US06 test cycle by programing switch off the SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system after 16 miles.

A Daimler spokesperson said that Daimler is cooperating with U.S. authorities and had agreed to strict confidentiality with the U.S. Department of Justice. “The authorities know the documents and no complaint has been filed against Daimler,” the spokesman said. “The documents available to Bild am Sonntag is obviously selectively released in order to harm Daimler and its 290,000 employees.” Following the news The Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler’s shares were down 2.1 percent.

In case the Daimler group is found guilty of installing defeating software devices on its diesel powered vehicles, financial implication would likely to be tiny-winy compared to the VW Group, as the number of diesel powered vehicles sold by Mercedes-Benz in US are comparatively very less in numbers.

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