Meet the Jawa Blak – A modified Jawa 42 by Bombay Customs

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Modified Jawa 42

While many people are awaiting the delivery of their Jawa motorcycles, a lucky few have gotten their hands on theirs. Even fewer have modified their rides to make them stand out. Here is one such example, called the Jawa Blak – modified by Bombay custom works.

To begin, as the name suggests, the bike gets an all black paint scheme. The engine block, spokes, forks, exhaust pipe etc have all been painted black. At the front, the stock mudguard is replaced by a shorter unit. The headlamp gets a thick cross mark and it gives some rough attitude to the bike.

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Modified Jawa 42 - Headlamp
Modified Jawa 42

The handlebar has been replaced with a clip-on unit to give a sportier stance to the bike. It also makes you feel to be in one with the bike. Moving further, the seat is done in a dark shade too. The stock tail lamp is replaced by a thin LED strip, which lends a clutter free, minimalistic look to the bike. The fuel tank gets vertical strip with Jawa written on it – and it looks cool.

Modified Jawa 42 - tail lamp
Modified Jawa 42 – tail lamp
What is stock then?

The entire engine and the exhaust has been left untouched in this build. The exhaust has been carefully tuned to produce the classic two stroke sound in the stock form. That is probably why the engine and exhaust was left untouched. The engine is a 293cc, liquid cooled, single cyliner unit. It produces 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The engine is paired to a six speed gearbox- sending the power to the rear wheels.

Modified Jawa 42
Modified Jawa 42

Single channel ABS is standard, while dual channel ABS is offered as an option. This example sports a single channel ABS. Jawa has announced the prices of their official accessories and merchandise. Read more about them here

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