The McLaren that took 260 hours to paint

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McLaren - Coriolis

McLaren’s are special and are one of the most powerful supercars on this planet. Their power could put most supercars to shame. They are beautiful and breathtaking too. Now, how do you make something that is already special, even more special? Employ the MSO, the McLaren Special Operations team and throw in some beautiful mix of colors. Then, let the imagination run wild. You’ve got yourself a recipe for what you can call, a super-special, super-rare supercar.

Modern art meets McLaren

Meet the McLaren 720s Spider, painted in what McLaren calls, “Coriolis” – a tri-blend color, created by mixing Cerulean Blue, Burton Blue and Abyss Black. This was made possible by the McLaren Special Operations, the internal team who is responsible for creating custom builds. The special blend, Coriolis, was painted on a Meteorite grey body and it took them 260 hours. Stunning and breathtaking would be a sheer understatement.

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McLaren - Coriolis
McLaren – Coriolis

The color has been applied in a way that it blends in naturally. The flow of the color depicts the movement of wind over the sculpted parts of the car. There are special touches of the blue in other parts too, as in the brake calipers, and the underside of the wings, visible when the wing lifts to produce downforce.

Sometimes, the ownership of an automobile is just more than owing. Our vehicles are an extension of ourselves – how we express ourselves. The super-special McLaren here is one such example. This is nothing short of a masterpiece –  done with the airbrushes by the Picasso, Da Vinci, and the likes at the McLaren Special Operations. If there is a modern art with wheels and an engine, then this is it.

The 720s draws the juice from a 4 liter, twin-turbo V8 engine that leaves 710 horses under your right foot. The 720s can do 0-200 in about 7.8 seconds and can go all the way to 340 km/h.

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