True Value by Maruti Suzuki is designed to make the experience of buying used cars easy and attractive. Now they have re-launched True Value with a new brand and retail identity. The new True Value enhances customer experience through transparency in the process of buying or selling. The new brand is also spread across 132 cities with 200 outlets.

They also try to provide the best experience. The outlets boast of a large display area. There is also a dedicated relationship officer to further assist the customers. Customers can also select a test drive option with the mobile app and website.

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Maruti Suzuki True Value expands across 132 cities with 200 outlets

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. RS Kalsi, Senior Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India. said “The pre-owned car market is rapidly growing, and customers are putting their trust in organized players for their needs. With the upgrade of Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms, customers can avail a better experience, better products and a hassle-free journey of car buying”.

They use digital interfaces to evaluate and certify cars. It includes checking the engine, suspension, brakes, electrical fittings and equipment, transmission and steering control, to cover car’s complete health, and reduce the chance of error during evaluation. Maruti Suzuki has 376 such quality checkpoints to assure the best quality to the customers.

After a digital evaluation and refurbishment, every car is certified. All certified cars also come with up to 1-year warranty and 3 free services. True Value also offers hassle free documentation. The dedicated relationship officer will take care of most of the paperwork so the customer can relax and rejoice their purchase.

Maruti Suzuki True Value expands across 132 cities with 200 outlets



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