The Swift is one of the most successful cars for Maruti in India. More than half of all the Swift sold in the world are in India. But Maruti Suzuki is confirming that the Swift Sport will not be launched in India in the near future. This comes as a sad news for enthusiasts who were eyeing for the hot hatch from quite some time.

CV Raman, senior executive director (Engg), Maruti Suzuki, confirmed in the recent media ride of the facelifted 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz that the new Swift Sport will not be launched in the Indian market. The reason is the lack of demand for expensive hatchbacks backs in India that offer slightly better performance over the stock models. If the Swift Sport is launched in India, it will be offered as a CBU unit. This will make the car cost a lot more than similar cars like the Volkswagen Polo GT and the Abarth Punto. At an expected price of over INR 15 – 20 lakh there are other better options like the Skoda Octavia and the Jeep compass. Maruti’s own Baleno RS running on the 1.0-liter booster jet engine is seeing very bad sale figures.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport will not launch in India - too expensive for India

The Swift Sport runs on a 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine. The engine offers a maximum power of 140bhp and a peak torque of 230Nm. It comes mated to a 6-speed transmission system. The car also gets stiffer suspension setup and bigger wheels to match the Sport badging. The weight of the car is just 975kg, which is lighter than than the older model. The exterior also has faux carbon fiber body skirts. The interior gets sporty red accents and instrument cluster. The bucket seats are also a great addition.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport will not launch in India - too expensive for India

Swift Sport Expectations:

If Maruti ever plans to introduce a sportier version of Swift in India, it might be in the form of Swift RS. Like the Baleno RS, it will run on a 1.0 liter booster jet engine that produces over 100bhp. It will also be priced very aggressively as it will be made in India.

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