Somewhere near around the city of Mumbai, a video of an unfortunate event was captured at the beach of Palghar, Maharashtra. A Maruti Suzuki Ertiga was almost drowned in the ocean due to the driver getting too close to the ocean and getting the car stuck in the mud.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Owner Drowns The Car While Going Too Close To The Ocean

The owner got too confident and got the car very close to the Ocean. The tyres got stuck in the mud the car would not move. After some unsuccessful attempt, the driver and the co-passenger ran away from the vehicle as to the ocean waves were thrashing the vehicle. The waves were so strong to even move the vehicle from its position and towards the beach.

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Later in the video, we can see that a Tractor is being used to pull out the car from the Ocean. Even with the tractor pulling, there seems to be no movement in the car position. Which means the car was stuck pretty badly. The car was taken out after a while with the help of the Tractor. Locals and other people were gathered to see the car stuck in the ocean.

The reason behind this event is simple, and in itself is very difficult to drive your vehicle in. In the Ocean, you have to deal with wet sand, which makes tyres to sink in the sand and get stuck. Even 4×4 and big SUVs have a hard time on wet sand, and this was a long 7 seater MPV. The Driver is a mistake for going this close to the waves, just to have a bit more fun. We should never underestimate the power of the Ocean and keep a safe distance enough to enjoy and not get into trouble.

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