Maruti Suzuki has claimed to launch an all-new electric vehicle (EV) by 2020. To keep up the promise, the automotive company has flagged-off prototype electric vehicles for field testing. The prototype electric vehicles were begun from the firm’s Gurugram plant by CV Raman, senior executive director (engineering). They claimed that the prototype electric vehicles are based on the ongoing model by Suzuki Japan.

Earlier in September at MOVE Summit, Osamu Suzuki, chairman of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan declared that they will commence a nation-wide field testing of 50 prototype EVs. So, they finally began the field testing before revealing the future EV. Maruti Suzuki India is the highest car producers. In previous reports, the company claimed that they have planned to set up a battery factory in the country that will handle the manufacturing of Lithium-Ion batteries from 2020.

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Maruti Suzuki Initiates Field Testing Of 50 Prototype Electric Vehicles
Maruti Suzuki Initiates Field Testing Of 50 Prototype Electric Vehicles

At the MOVE Summit, Mr. Osamu Suzuki said “We have decided to launch EV in India around 2020 in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation. I am pleased to announce today that we will start the road tests with a fleet of 50 prototype electric vehicles in India from next month in order to develop safe and easy to use EVs for Indian customers in line with traffic and the climatic situation on Indian roads”

According to the company, “This extensive real-life usage of the vehicles in multiple terrains and climatic conditions will help the company get valuable insights that will help in validation and successful launch of Electric Vehicle technology in India.” The EVs on the test are generated by Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan and presented at the Maruti Suzuki, Gurugram facility, following the company’s involvement to Make in India campaign.

The test of the Maruti Suzuki EV will also accommodate to assemble significant figures as per the buyer prospects and also create a strong electric vehicle to satisfy the wants of Indian customers. Maruti Suzuki has also focusing to introduce a powerful EV in India in the near future like other companies including Mahindra Electric and Tata Motors.

The EVs have become the most discussed future vehicle which is focused by many automotive companies. Although, with the rising price of fuel in India, it has become essential for the automotive companies to introduce the EVs in the market. The EVs are inspired by Suzuki Wagon R, which is not available in the Indian market. Although it is expected to come soon.

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