Maruti Suzuki Introduces Customer Safety Measures – Deliveries To Start Soon

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Maruti Suzuki Introduces 'Buy Now Pay Later' Scheme For Customers

While the threat for COVID-19 is still there, the lockdown has helped drastically slow down the spread. And maybe on 17th, the lockdown will be lifted and slowly the normal pace of life will move along. Maruti Suzuki India Limited is already prepared for the procedures to follow post lockdown and start the supply chain once again.

As post all of this few things will always be changed, hygiene and sanitization will always be the first priority. So Maruti Suzuki has introduced some comprehensive standard operating procedure (SoP) in the manufacturing plant as well as the dealerships. All the safety measures are based on approvals from State Governments.

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Maruti Suzuki Introduces Customer Safety Measures - Deliveries To Start Soon

Maruti Suzuki said all the methods are scientifically studied and goes on from customer entering the showroom till the final delivery of the vehicles. Let’s talk about some of thee safety measures. As stated by all other manufacturers, now you don’t have to physically visit the showroom, you can choose your car online and even choose factory ditted company accessories online. Even the vehicles required for the purchase can be submitted digitally.

Test drive cars? They’re are most easy to get contaminated by a virus as multiple customers try the car. To eliminate this complete sanitization of the vehicles will be down and only one person will be allowed to take the test drive with relationship manager sitting in the back row. If you like the car, you can have the car delivered right at your home, the staff driving the car to your place will wear a mask and carry sanitizers. A proper disinfection procedure will be followed for the car before delivering.

Maruti Suzuki Introduces Customer Safety Measures - Deliveries To Start Soon

Sanitizers? That will be the common thing in showrooms and will be placed at multiple points. Employees health will also be monitored through a wellness app. As with the 14 days a protocol, if staff do not report any illness for these days they will be allowed to work. Procedures like thermal scanning, compulsory face masks will be followed strictly.

On all these new changes Mr Kenichi Ayukawa, Managing Director and CEO, Maruti Suzuki India said, “Customers satisfaction and safety is our top priority. All our dealerships have put in place steps to ensure complete safety, hygiene and sanitization of all touchpoints.” He added “At the same time, not just our dealerships, but also our manufacturing facilities and service workshops are completely sanitized,”

Maruti Suzuki Introduces Customer Safety Measures - Deliveries To Start Soon

We hope all other manufacturers keep all the safety measures given by the government in mind when they reopen. So the industry can start again, deliveries can begin all this with keeping safety as the topmost priority.

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