Mahindra XUV400 and Ford’s new SUV to share the same platform

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new mahindra suv

It wasn’t until recently that Mahindra and Ford announced a JV for the Indian market. The joint venture will develop cars and SUVs for the Indian and the global market. According to a fresh media report, the next big SUV from Mahindra, the XUV400 will share the platform with Ford.

The SUV, internally codenamed B745 at Ford, will be built on an all-new platform. It will be one of the Ford-branded SUVs making way to India. At about 4.3 meters long, Ford will pitch the SUV at the heart of the compact-SUV competition in India. Mahindra will also be making use of Ford’s platform to develop the all-new XUV400. The XUV400 will be a 7 seater SUV and though the platform will be a shared one, the SUVs will look entirely different and carry different designs.

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Mahindra and Ford will be looking to share a lot of components to reduce the development costs and come with competitive pricing. The XUV500 and the XUV300 employ an FWD or a Front biased AWD on a monocoque chassis. The Architecture of the XUV400 is expected to be no different. The XUV400 is expected to debut at late 2020 or early 2021 fiscal. The XUV400 will use Mahindra’s Engines from the current line-up and they will be the BS-VI compliant. The New petrol engine, believed to be in works for the nextgen Thar, could make way to the engine bay of the XUV400.

A lot of other Compact SUVs are in line to hit the Indian market in the coming years. We will see cars from Toyota-Maruti Partnership. Skoda-Volkswagen will debut the T Roc SUV in the Indian market. The T Roc SUV has already been spied in India – which suggests that the launch is not far away.

The buyer is the ultimate beneficiary of all these heated battles in the compact SUV Segment – with top-notch products and lots of wheels to make a pick from.

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