Mahindra Mojo is a great product but it never took off as Mahindra expected. Be it the premium pricing or incorrect marketing. Mahindra tried to make the situation better with the launch of Mahindra Mojo UT 300, a toned down version based on the original Mojo. It did skip out on a few features along with lesser power output.

Mahindra Mojo UT 300 For Just Half The Price! - Upto Rs 75,000 Off

Well contrary to what Mahindra expected the Mojo UT 300 also didn’t set the sales charts up on fire. So, Mahindra is offering hefty discounts on Mahindra Mojo UT 300 until March 31. How much discount? Well, the first discount you can avail is the Rs 40,000 flat discount. Furthermore, if you exchange your old vehicle you can avail discount up to Rs 60,000. Mahindra employees can avail a flat discount of Rs 75,000, which is exactly half the price of the bike! That’s really a great deal for a capable tourer motorcycle.

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Mahindra Mojo UT 300 For Just Half The Price! - Upto Rs 75,000 Off

Powering the Mahindra Mojo UT 300 is the same engine as the Mahindra Mojo XT 300, though the power is a bit toned down. The 294.7cc single-cylinder, carburetted, liquid-cooled engine which makes 23bhp and 25.2Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. It also gets a massive 21-litre fuel tank which will a boon for long journeys. Braking power comes from 320mm disc up front and 240mm disc at the rear. No ABS is on offer, so Mahindra might phase out these bikes soon due to the upcoming government norms from April 1, 2019.

While Mojo series have been a turn down for Mahindra, but Mahindra is doing very well with newly launched Jawa motorcycles. In fact, Jawa has sold out both of its bikes (Jawa and Jawa Forty-Two) till September 2019. The Jawa Perak is going to be launched soon and provided its styling, it might also get the same or better response.

Mahindra Mojo UT 300 For Just Half The Price! - Upto Rs 75,000 Off

So, if you’re looking for a capable tourer under 1 lakh Mahindra UT 300 is a great deal. This might be the last or best time to get the Mojo if you’ve been planning for one. Because Mahindra may phase out these bikes soon, as it manages to sell only 84 units of the UT300 in last 6 months.

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