Tucked away in a corner of Ladakh is a mud house like no other. What makes this special is the old Mahindra Jeep it is using as a roof.

This unique spectacle is a creation of Sonam Wangchuk’s Himalayan Institute of Alternatives. Sonam Wangchuck is an engineer who rose to fame after comparison with the protagonist of the movie 3 Idiots. The Himalayan Institute of Alternatives strives to find alternative solutions to most commonplace problems. This also involves recycling.A Ladakh House Finds An Innovative Way To Recycle Old Mahindra Jeep

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It is not sure why a Mahindra Jeep was converted into a roof but it is brilliant nonetheless. On closer inspection, we can also see an entire house built underneath. Although we can not see the insides of the house, we can only imagine if there is access to the Jeep’s cabin via stairs or a ladder. The cabin would be a perfect spot to set up a bedroom with a panoramic view.

A Ladakh House Finds An Innovative Way To Recycle Old Mahindra Jeep

This unique creation made the news when Anand Mahindra Himself tweeted it out with a few pictures. He says, “A friend sent these pics from Sonam Wangchuk’s Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh. Recycling a Mahindra car into a home roof. A way of life at the Institute, where nothing gets discarded. Well, this will compete with our auto-shredding venture but it’s far more creative!”.


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