Lamborghini’s one-off Aventador SC-18

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Lamborghini's one-off Aventador SC-18

Another missile is launched from the stables of Lamborghini under the name of Aventador SC-18. And this time they have plonked more power into the legendary Aventador. First launched in 2011, this Spanish bull is going to have its swansong in 2020, to be replaced by an all new model touted to be the firm’s first hybrid one. But this launch also marks a new first for Lambo. Because the Aventador SC-18 will be its first bespoke model.

Bespoke models are usually the forte of Rolls Royce and Ferrari. Bespoke models are one-off cars built to the taste and needs of a single customer. Now Lamborghini too has decided to foray into the segment with its own customised track tools.

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The Lamborghini Aventador SC-18
The Lamborghini Aventador SC-18

Built by the engineers at Squadra Corse which is Lambo’s official motorsport team, this car looks like a cross between the Sesto elemento and the Veneno! The car has been painted in Grigio Daytona and Rosso Ala (Lambo’s vocabulary for gray and red) giving it the beastly look it deserves.

Each of the crisp cut and crease has its own role in honing the car’s aerodynamics. Also the rear wing is adjustable in three different modes for offering maximum downforce on each track.

The massive 12 air vents for air intake of the V12

The car borrows its engine from the newly crowned king of the Nurburgring, the Aventador SVJ. The engine, a 6.5L naturally aspirated V12, produces 770Hp of power and 720Nm of torque. Entire tech and performance specs won’t be released officially as it is a one-off model. But there is little to doubt in its racing prowess, given the powertrain and the aero enhancers.

The SC-18 may or may not be the fastest Lamborghini but it sure will be a one-hit-KO that decimates its opponents on track. Lamborghini again delivers a poster perfect supercar while also giving us a chance to dream about our very own customised one!

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