Taiwanese scooter and EV makes Kymco surprised us at EICMA 2018 with the reveal of the Kymco SuperNEX. The SuperNEX is a performance supersport electric motorcycle and it looks great!

KYMCO SuperNEX - Electric Supersport Motorcycle Revealed

The Kymco SuperNEX is an example of the future of electric motorcycles. It is also a worthy contender to the Emflux electric motorcycle concept. The SuperNEX looks like a typical Supersport with its twin headlights and a sharp fairing design. It looks compact yet aggressive. We can also see a mono-shock suspension at the rear and USD forks up front. Also, the front is seen with huge twin disc brake setup.

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Kymco SuperNEX – Specifications:

Sadly, technical data of the motorcycle is not yet made available. But Kymco did reveal that the SuperNEX can do 0 to 100kmph in a staggering 2.9 seconds. Also, 0 to 200kmph comes in a superfast 7.5 seconds. It has a rated top speed of 250kmph. To put it into perspective, the cars like the Mclaren P1 or the Porsche 911 GT2 RS reach 0 to 100kmph in times similar to this.

KYMCO SuperNEX - Electric Supersport Motorcycle Revealed

So the SuperNEX looks like it’s not for the average rider. In this regard, Kymco offers two riding modes – Beast and Gentleman. Also on offer are safety equipments called Kymco FEP (Full Engagement Performance) electronics package for ease of riding. This includes launch control, rear-wheel lift control, traction control and different riding modes.

KYMCO SuperNEX - Electric Supersport Motorcycle Revealed

The Kymco SuperNEX, unlike typical electric vehicles, is not silent. It comes with an ‘active acoustic motor’ which enhances the sound of the motor. This gives the motorcycle a unique sound. This electric motorcycle also includes a gear shifter to keep the rider involved.

The SuperNEX is definitely one of the most interesting exhibits at EICMA and one to wait for real-world usage.

KYMCO SuperNEX - Electric Supersport Motorcycle Revealed

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