Kia Develops Wireless Charging For Soul EV- Future Of Electric Vehicles

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Kia Develops Wireless Charging For Soul EV- Future Of Electric Vehicles

Wireless Charging: Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center (HATCI) and Mojo Mobility (Mojo) have worked for more than 3 years to produce a fast-charging wireless energy transfer arrangement on an analysis formation of Kia Soul EVs. The plan is successful in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. It is one of the mindblowing and interesting developments in the automotive industry. It indicates the bright prospect of the electric cars which will be seemingly open a new plan for the manufacturing of upcoming electric vehicles. Not just that the Kia latest concept will work without plugs which are used for charging. It will definitely change the overall game of electric vehicle, worldwide.

Using the dense wireless charging method, an electric vehicle can receive charging at a great speed at about 10kW. Besides the highest charging speed, it offers remarkable vehicle efficiency of about 85%. The design introduced the system to total 5 Soul EVs for analysis purpose. After that, they examined the plan in the real-world context for strength, security, and production. The company has utilized electromagnetic range to transfer energy connecting pair of coils which acts like a conductor on the ground and a receiver on the bottom of the Soul EV. This is how the mission became successful. The vehicle should be placed over the transmitter and the charging will start instantly as energy is conducted via a causative combining to an electronic equipment, that practices the force to charge the battery of the vehicle.

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Kia Develops Wireless Charging For Soul EV- Future Of Electric Vehicals
Kia Develops Wireless Charging For Soul EV- Future Of Electric Vehicles

To make the process more efficient, the company has made the project in such a way that it will permit few arrangements linking the transmitter and the receiver, so the drivers will not face any problem while charging the car daily. They don’t have to follow a lengthy process for charging electric vehicles which are expected to come by 2020. According to the HATCI president, William Freels, “The formation of the wireless Soul EVs, the company can apparently perceive the prospect of electric vehicles without plug”.

However, the execution of the project is very far away from now. The company has not stated any further reports regarding including the Soul EVs in any of its production variants. So, if you are excited to get the wireless electric charging vehicles, then you have to wait for long. Moreover, the achievement of this wireless plan implies related arrangements will be seen on the forthcoming Kia electric cars. As said by the company, the project still needs some verifications and modifications after which they will reveal other details for its future electric cars.

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S. Vishwakarma

S. Vishwakarma

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