Kia shows off two off road versions of the Seltos in the USA

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Kia shows off two off road versions of the Seltos in the USA

The Korean manufacturer Kia has showcased two official off-road variants of the Seltos at the 2019 National Kia Dealership Meet in the USA. The images uploaded to the internet shows two variants of the Seltos which feature some modifications over the regular Seltos. We can expect this to have a 4WD option which is not on the Indian variant.

The SUV gets both cosmetic and mechanical modifications. On the visual front, it now features a luggage carriage and also lights on the roof. We can also see a crash guard for the front bumper. The hood also has a roof scoop. The SUV also gets unique paint schemes with red or orange accents on the mirror and gold or black colored wheels. The wheels are also different from the standard Seltos. The front bumper also has exposed towing hooks in red. The second variant also features more lights on the front bumper. We, however, do not get a rear view of the new SUV.

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Kia shows off two off road versions of the Seltos in the USA

On the mechanical front, we can expect 4WD as standard. It also looks like the SUV is raised higher. This means a different choice or configuration of suspension which means it can handle the offroad terrain a little better. We do not have any information of the powerhouse of this SUV. However, we can expect it to run on the same engine as the standard Seltos, however, Kia might offer it in a slightly different state of tune.

Kia is doing great in the Indian market. It is also in the list of top 5 manufacturers, just 3 months after launching its first product. This is definitely a remarkable feat. The company managed to sell a total of 26,840 units in just 70 days!



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